Deborah Pinheiro


Eliane Pellegrini


I am a family photographer in Contagem, MG. Photography has led me down diverse paths, allowed me to meet dear people, and has helped me refine my artistry.

It brings me immense joy to receive recognition for this dedication, especially as an international award that values photographers.

I thank the Outstanding Maternity Award for acknowledging my art. I appreciate their support for professionals dedicated to making dreams come true. This accolade has enriched my work, and I have reaped the rewards of this recognition in the form of admiration and affection from clients and fellow professionals.

I am deeply moved by the significance of this award, as my inspiration is my son, present in this photograph. Having an albino child has enabled me to see beyond eyesight, beyond my vision. ‘One sees clearly only with the heart; the essential is invisible to the eyes.’

Despite being so fair-skinned, he has brought color into my life.

Today, I want to thank once again the Outstanding Maternity Award for allowing others, including people from around the world, to see him as I do: my little prince.

Deborah Pinehiro
Deborah Pinheiro


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