Jana Brazil, with 1,500 documented births!


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Jana Brasil destaque
Jana Brasil

Jana Brazil, a specialized birth photographer and enthusiast for challenges, was born in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. She has been passionately dedicated to Birth Photography since June 2015. In nearly six years, with experience from over 1,500 deliveries, she has captured the most incredible moments of life. Her work has garnered 35 award-winning photographs and 06 honorable mentions in the world’s largest Family Photography directories.

Jana truly brings a wealth of experience, and we are captivated by her talent.

The Outstanding Maternity Award was the first association where I served as a judge. Analyzing all the submissions was immensely helpful for my own work, a mental exercise! It was an incredible and very rewarding experience!

I find it very important to participate in the Outstanding Maternity Award!!! Being able to receive recognition, having a photograph chosen by other photographers, or even not having the photograph selected made me reflect a lot!

It added a very special touch to my work! My clients were thrilled with each award, and when I arrive at the hospital to work, people there talk about the awards and the other award-winning photographs of friends. I found it important to bring people outside of photography to visit the Award’s website, analyze, and appreciate each photograph.

Jana Brasil
Jana Brasil
Jana Brasil
Jana Brasil

In 2019, Jana Brazil experienced the most beautiful moment of her life—she photographed the arrival of her granddaughter, Ísis, and witnessed her daughter becoming a mother.

WOW, all at the same time. Jana, you are amazing!

Jana shares how this experience was:

It was challenging and unique! Living through it together with her, being a mother, a photographer, and becoming a grandmother at that moment.

Capturing births goes beyond the act of taking photographs; it’s about surrendering, living alongside the entire medical team and the parents. It means not having a schedule with precise and conventional dates and times; it’s about embracing the unexpected, living the unforeseen in a magical and full-of-indescribable-sensations way. It’s being able to witness the true miracle of life!!! It’s challenging, and I am passionate about it!”

Check out the video below and see what an inspiring experience it is. Thank you, Jana, for sharing so much love!

Jana Brasil
Jana Brasil

A picture or a thousand words? ‘I found myself in a complicated situation, and a fear of not being able to cope came over me. After all, I would no longer worry just about myself; there was a life to take care of. So, I stripped away all shame, knelt down, and talked to God. I asked Him to help me evolve, to be a better man, a good father, a good husband, and to give me more desire to grow, to work, so as not to let anything be lacking,’ said Victor Calmon (@victorcomichao) in an interview with Revista Crescer’s website – @iphotochannel.

Jana Brasil
Jana Brasil

https://iphotochannel.com.br/pai-se-ajoelha-e-faz-oracao-em-frente-ao-berco-do-filho-recem-nascido/ https://www.uol.com.br/universa/noticias/redacao/2018/09/19/foto-de-pai-ajoelhado-diante-do-filho-recem-nascido-emociona-nas-redes.htm


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