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Johany Fotografias is a company in the family photography and general photography sector, active in the market for about 9 years.

I, Johany, am the spokesperson, walking in the field of photography influenced by my parents and grandparents, but I have carried my own personality into creating my business, primarily investing in specializing in newborn, children, and family portraits.

When people talk about photography, they usually think of cameras, perhaps a studio, lighting, a good lens… I think of emotions.

A photographer needs to understand the technique, but above all, photography is art, and like all art, to make sense, it has to make you feel something, it has to convey and evoke emotions.

After all, a photo that doesn’t convey emotions would be nothing.

This photo was from a special session for the Breastfeeding Week initiative we held last year.

I wanted to convey the connection between mother and child during breastfeeding, the delicacy and purity of that moment, the natural bond we share, and the love that exists in this gesture. And on March 20th, we received the news that this photo had been awarded at the International Maternity and Family Photography Contest – Outstanding Maternity Award.

How does the heart feel?

My photo was noticed among so many others. I didn’t need a single word because the photo speaks for itself. And for me, this was a sign that I am on the right path, a sign that my passion for my work can motivate me to become even better.

Johany Fotografias


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