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I am Joysse Casagrande, from Catanduva, in the interior of São Paulo, specializing in children’s and family photography.

A few years ago, when my partner Junior Gomes and I decided to dedicate our lives exclusively to capturing family moments, we became acquainted with the Outstanding Maternity Award through the awards received by some friends. We spent hours admiring and drawing inspiration from the work of the winners, dreaming that one day our own work would be recognized too, knowing the importance and impact such an award brings to any photographer’s career.

The motivation from the contest inspired us to embark on a journey of continuous improvement, refinement, and delivering increasingly better results to our clients. We invested hours in courses, workshops, training sessions, and practical experience. We devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to our love for capturing family moments. With every click, we aimed to achieve the best possible shot and to continually improve for the next one—a never-ending cycle.

Our dream came true for the first time in March 2020, at the beginning of a very sad and delicate moment during the pandemic, filling us with hope for better days. Our dream continues to come true each season as we are honored with international recognition from the Outstanding Awards, and in this 17th season, it was the 4th time this happened. Our client base has grown, and our work has gained prestige. The number of inquiries and conversions has certainly tripled since we started this journey with you.

We will be eternally grateful for the transformation that the Outstanding Awards have brought to our lives each new season. May there be many more seasons to come! Always filled with emotion and magnificent photos! We will be here, putting in great effort and hard work, always striving to perhaps deserve the honor of having a spot for our photos in this distinguished group, among so many simply admirable professionals!

Thank you very much, Outstanding Awards!

Jóysse Casagrande
Joysse Casagrande


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