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Eliane Pellegrini


Since 2014, the Outstanding Award has granted us the privilege of getting to know numerous extraordinary photographers through their art of photography. Yes, each photographer is unique, and we are thrilled to witness their achievements.

Every season, we are surprised by incredible photographs from many photographers spread across Brazil and around the world.

Today, we want to share a little about the achievements of the photographer Regiane Scholze.

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Regiane Scholze brings us a lot of enchantment with her creative, consistent, and harmonious work. She is achieving much more than just satisfying her clients.

A true piece of a period film!

Yes, we could spend hours admiring her beautiful photographs! A true work of art!

Outstanding Award

The landscapes, plantations, old houses, flower fields—everything I find on farms and throughout the countryside,” says the photographer. All of this creates the perfect setting for Fine Art, as the style is called, which produces an image reminiscent of an old painting.
“I lived many years in Campo Alegre; my parents still live there. Since I was a child, I saw my grandparents taking care of animals, planting, and harvesting for the family’s consumption. I had the opportunity to experience the activities carried out in the countryside, something that made me like this photographic style even more. It’s like rediscovering something lost. There are many childhood memories, so I feel at home,” highlights Regiane.
The costumes are inspired by images and old postcards found on the internet. “For a good composition, everything needs to align with the message I want to convey through the story being told.

In the video below, photographer Regiane Scholze shares a bit about her achievements after participating in the Outstanding Award.


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