Outstanding Photo Award – Last Season of the year.

Audrey-RUBELI-Photo Award

Experience the Outstanding Photo Award’s global excellence in its 30th Season. Applaud 88 winning photographers from 13 countries, showcasing images with technical mastery and creative flair. Join Brazil, Ukraine, USA, Canada, and more in anticipating what’s next in photography. Express gratitude, join our 2024 Seasons, and elevate your brand with this triumph for a flourishing photographic journey.

Discover Aurelie Perillou’s work , the French photographer who inspires us!

Aurélie Périllou

Discover Aurelie Perillou’s work , the French photographer who inspires us! She was the author of the photographs on our main website https://maternity.outstandingaward.com Aurélie Périllou specializes in photographing pregnant women, babies, families, and feminine portraits. Like many of us, photography has always been one of her passions, and in her own words: Having been a […]

Photographer: Yvonne C. Krystovsky – Germany

Each panel of judges assembled in our seasons takes into account not only the photographer’s portfolio but also their significant contribution to the photographic community. With great pride, we look forward to sharing more in-depth details about our judges, aiming to inspire participants, whether it’s their first, second, or third time. Learn more about the […]

Outstanding Award x Achievements

Since 2014, the Outstanding Award has granted us the privilege of getting to know numerous extraordinary photographers through their art of photography. Yes, each photographer is unique, and we are thrilled to witness their achievements. Every season, we are surprised by incredible photographs from many photographers spread across Brazil and around the world. Today, we […]

Success Story!

Luana Strapasson

Inspire yourself with the story of Luana Strapasson, an award-winning photographer recognized by the Outstanding Maternity Award Luana Strapasson currently resides in Cascavel, in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Luana recalls always loving to view, develop, and assemble photographs. When her children were born, this passion for the art became increasingly evident, sparking curiosity about […]

Ana Paula Costa

Ana Paula Costa

“I’ve always dreamed of having my photographs recognized worldwide, and that dream came true the day I discovered Outstanding.” Ana Paula Costa

Jana Brazil, with 1,500 documented births!

Jana Brasil

Jana Brazil, a specialized birth photographer and enthusiast for challenges, was born in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. She has been passionately dedicated to Birth Photography since June 2015. In nearly six years, with experience from over 1,500 deliveries, she has captured the most incredible moments of life. Her work has garnered 35 award-winning photographs and […]

3 dicas sobre fotografia de parto

Alessandra Corveloni

De fotógrafa das amigas à Premiação Internacional. Como isso aconteceu? Alessandra Corveloni, especializada em fotografia de parto, deixa todos os detalhes neste artigo. Sempre fui apaixonada por fotografias, com 14 anos ganhei uma máquina com filme e já me arriscava com alguns clicks, aos 18 anos eu ganhei uma sony e então passei a ser […]