Celebrating the exceptional talents of maternity photographers worldwide, we honor diversity and creativity in this art form.


Eliane Pellegrini


The Outstanding Maternity Award is proud to announce the celebrated winners of its 31st Season, highlighting the diverse talent in maternity, newborn, family, fine art, mom-to-be, lifestyle, and children’s portrait photography. This season, the spotlight shone on photographers from around the globe, representing 15 countries, and showcasing a breathtaking array of styles and stories.

The judging panel included Ora Hasenfratz from Hungary and Magali Tinti from France, both celebrated for their contributions to photography, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the judging process.

Photographers - Judges

Season 31 received widespread coverage in various newspapers, standing out as a special event in the art of photography.

Winning the Outstanding Maternity Award Elevates Your Photography Career.

Enrolling in the next season of the Outstanding Maternity Award offers photographers the chance to gain international recognition, showcasing their work on a prestigious platform. Being an internationally awarded photographer elevates your professional profile, opens networking opportunities with peers worldwide, and attracts clientele looking for top-tier talent.

It also boosts your portfolio, providing tangible proof of your excellence and creativity in maternity photography. This recognition can significantly impact your career, setting you apart in a competitive industry.

The Outstanding Maternity Award, nearing a decade of celebrating the art of maternity photography, stands as the world’s first award of its kind. It honours maternity uniquely and beautifully, providing a platform for photographers to showcase their work, inspire others, grow their careers, and receive recognition for their artistic contributions.

The award underlines the importance of all maternity photography spectrums and nuances as a way to celebrate and remember the most significant times in a family’s life. It has become a global community of talented photographers, all sharing the common goal of elevating and celebrating the beauty of expectant motherhood.

For more details on the winners and to explore the captivating world of maternity photography, visit Outstanding Maternity Award.


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