Fabio Moraes, birth photographer, reveals 5 tips for beginners.


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Fabio Moraes
Fábio Moraes

A birth and family photographer, he began his career in 2012 and, after four years, specialized in birth photography. He operates in Bragança Paulista, Atibaia, Campinas, and São Paulo.

Photography initially started as my hobby, and after twelve years working on the factory floor, I felt it was time to seek new challenges, opportunities, and quality of life. Gradually, I discovered that photography was truly my talent, my escape, and therapy.

Becoming a father, I identified strongly with birth photography. I consider my work in this photography field a true life purpose. It’s not just about the photography; there is a lot of involvement with the parents and an exchange of experiences with the incredible medical teams.

I am already considered a ‘doulo’ due to my love for the family universe and the unique way I treat my clients. See the results in the video below.

I love it when clients call me and say they follow my work and chose me to photograph this special day.
After five years of photographing births, I have an excellent relationship with the doctors. In fact, when they run into me in the hospital corridors, they request photographs, and many of them recommend and support my work. I am immensely grateful for this.

Fábio Moraes
Fábio Moraes
Fábio Moraes
Fábio Moraes

Looking at my professional life, I see that achieving internationally awarded photographs through the Outstanding Photo Award has brought more credibility, recognition, and appreciation to my work.

Fábio Moraes
Fábio Moraes

Today, I feel fulfilled as a birth and family photographer. I want to continue immortalizing these moments and sharing my knowledge in the field of parenthood.
My goal is ambitious: I intend to photograph internationally (births and families), incorporating unique characteristics of these cultures.

5 Tips for those starting out:

1- Believe in yourself! Nothing in life is easy. 2- Have perseverance, dedication, and fight for your dreams.
3- Strive to be different amid so many others. Study a lot!
4- Offer not just a photograph but a true experience for your clients.
5- Photograph with love and find fulfillment!

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