Photographer: Yvonne C. Krystovsky – Germany


Eliane Pellegrini


Each panel of judges assembled in our seasons takes into account not only the photographer’s portfolio but also their significant contribution to the photographic community. With great pride, we look forward to sharing more in-depth details about our judges, aiming to inspire participants, whether it’s their first, second, or third time. Learn more about the remarkable work of Yvonne C. Krystovsky, one of the judges in Season 18.

Yvonne C. Krystovsky
Yvonne C. Krystovsky

In 2017, we were introduced to Yvonne C. Krystovsk’s work through her first participation in the Outstanding Maternity Award. With her enchanting, unique style, she captivates not only her clients but also dozens of photographers.
Choosing black and white with a focus on close-ups to impact her clients, the photographer delved into a less-explored territory, precisely the elements that caught our attention and have continued to captivate us in her work. Take note, as you analyze her Instagram profile, of how she reinvents and creates designs with specific parts of the body: feet, hands, and mouths.
In her IG profile, her concern for the aesthetics of her feed is evident, blending important information with her daily work, emphasizing the importance of attention to detail as the differentiator between professionals and aspiring practitioners.
In an increasingly competitive market, where a lack of culture and information can be our greatest enemies, Yvonne’s work is a visual oasis.

Yvonne is internationally multi-awarded, specializing in contemporary newborn and maternity photography.

Yvonne C. Krystovsky
Yvonne C. Krystovsky

Yvonne’s academic background undoubtedly reflects in her minimalist work, where she applies the concept of ‘less is more,’ inspiring us! By capturing moments in their purity and simplicity, she creates timeless, expressive, and authentic emotional portraits.

Yvonne C. Krystovsky
Yvonne C. Krystovsky


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